Corporate Partnership


Why Become a Partner?

Companies must support important causes to maintain relevance and importance in our community. There are many reasons and studies that speak to the reasons to partner. 

  • 84% of Americans believe that businesses have a responsibility to bring about societal change (2016 Global Strategies Group)

  • 80% of global consumers agree that business must play a role in addressing societal issues (2016 Edelman Trust Barometer)

  • 32% of consumers buy from brands doing social or environmental work (2016 Unilever Consumer Study)

  • 72% of consumers have donated to charity at the register (2016 Catalyst’s Revelations at the Register Report)


About Partnering with Boys & Girls Club of Bluffton

There are many reasons to partner with our organization, and we look forward to discussing opportunities with your company further. New corporate partnerships that help advance the work of our organization are always welcome.

More businesses are realizing the social and economic benefits of strategic nonprofit partnerships. We look forward to discussing how your company, your customers, your clients and your employees can help bring about great futures for all Bluffton youth. 

If you’d like to get started, please contact Katie Danbury, Director of Resource Development at 843.757.2831, or

Boys & Girls Club of Bluffton Corporate Partners

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