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Children and teens throughout Bluffton found community and support through Boys & Girls Club programs in The Arts, Character & Leadership Development, Education, Technology & Career Development, Health & Life Skills and Sports, Fitness & Recreation.

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We hope our Impact Reports reflect the work we do to support our local children and teens with your help.

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Thousands of Bluffton children and teens are prepared for great futures--and more hopeful--because of you! 

2018 Highlights


is a small-group health, fitness prevention/education and self-
esteem enhancement program designed to meet the developmental needs of
girls ages 12-18.

In 2018, the SMART Girls program had a 100% success rate in preventing teen pregnancy teen dating violence and underage drug and alcohol abuse.


Explorers: Learning for Life
Explorers: Learning for Life is an education and career development program
designed to enhance the lives of members ages 12-18 by exposing them to
careers in law enforcement, character building volunteer work and discipline
through routine physical training. A major component of the program is a
two-week boot camp during the summer followed by a graduation ceremony at the Bluffton Police Department. The boot camp is strict and regimented, including daily physical training, drill and ceremony practice and class time led by service-oriented volunteers and police officers. The after school program consists of weekly classes at the Bluffton Police Department in which officers use interactive training techniques to teach about law and police procedures, safety and the importance of being a good citizen.

In 2018, 92.8% of boot camp participants completed the program. 100% of participants completed at least one community service project and there was a 94% improvement rate on post-tests from classes at the Bluffton Police Department.

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Literacy Program
In 2014 the Boys & Girls Club of Bluffton launched a comprehensive reading intervention program, led by a certified literacy instructor. The program has
continued to grow and mature since then. Four the past five years, our Literacy Program has convinced us that after school reading intervention, as a supplement to the school District’s dedicated focus on literacy education, is a must for our Bluffton members who are reading below grade level.

In our most recent program year, 54 members were enrolled in both programs,
and 47 members completed the program. In the traditional program, 77% of
students’ scores improved on the San Diego pre-/post-test, and 66% of students improved their reading MAP test scores. Among students in the Lexia program, 50% improved between the San Diego pre- and post-tests, and 83% improved reading MAP scores. Students who improved the most attended the program at least 80% of the time.

2017 Impact Report